Below are links to MJ doing math !

MJ is not shy and his success is due to supportive teachers who did not doubt that he could. A diagnosis does not define thinking and learning. If every teacher pushed hard and expected that everyone could do math, imagine where we would be.

Thank you for being believers and sharing the Don’t Doubt message for equality and access to mathematics for ALL children.

In the MJ GCF video below, MJ is in 4th grade. He is recapping his math class lesson of the day on our way to his karate practice. It’s important to note he does not yet know all his addition and multiplication facts, but he understands what GCF is.


The two videos below show MJ doing his final exam review slides for 8th grade math. His assignment is to review the Pythagorean Theorem.

MJ missing hypotenuse

MJ missing leg

Currently he is in 9th grade, Pre Algebra. The teacher uses lots of Number Talks from the Number Sense for High School book I have written. He loves sharing his thinking in class.

Lately we have been exploring using Hot Wheels to practice math. Soon I will link up a couple videos where he explains arrays and balancing equations.

MJ and I are always willing to share our story and you are free to pass these links along to other people as you like.